Breaker Breaker "Burn It Down" (Dead Beat)

Breaker Breaker "Burn It Down" (Dead Beat)

Metal, Punk and raw, ragged Rock 'n Roll comes together full force on their second album 'Burn It Down'. These Portland hellraisers remind me a lot of glam-metal forerunners Hanoi Rocks and similarly straddle the line between New York Dolls / Berlin Brats-style glammy, thunder punk and flat-out sleazy, girls ‘n blow metallic Rock’n Roll bands like Guns N’ Roses and early Mötley Crüe. Their prime drug of choice is good-times, riff struttin’ Rock ‘n Roll, ala Rose Tattoo, and they deal it in spades with ear shreddin' guitars solos and some pretty crafty song writing chops. Action Rock supremacy reigns all over ‘Burn It Down’ on shit-kickin’ anthems like ‘Shotgun’, ‘It’s Alive’ and ‘Little Hurricane’ bolstered by an absolutely crushing, crystal-clear production that truly captures the bands brash, hedonistic, down-n-dirty sounds. The riffs are monstrous and explosive; the drums are polished and punishing; and lead singer Timmy Rokketti’s vocals are in full swing as they tear through nearly a dozen over-the-top, pedal-to-the metal, scorchers of raw, razor-sharp Riff ‘n Roll. An absolute destroyer comin’ atchya from members of P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. and the Cry. (Black Vinyl)

A1 Riffage
A2 Shot Gun
A3 Break It
A4 Shame Shame
A5 Down
B1 Donnie
B2 It's Alive
B2 You Got Me
B4 Little Hurricane

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