Electric Frankenstein vs. The Cheats "Rockamania, Vol. 1" LP

$10.99 - $12.99
  • Electric Frankenstein vs. The Cheats "Rockamania, Vol. 1" LP

When it comes to High Energy Punk Rock n’ Roll, New Jersey’s 20 year veterans Electric Frankenstein are definitely at the top of the list. Back that up with fire breathing juggernauts, The Cheats from Pittsburgh and you have one of the most exciting Rock releases of 2014.

The split vinyl LP known as “Rockamania 1” will feature 3 new tracks from each band and a cover song. That’s right, NO CDs! Vinyl only! Okay, the new songs will be available digitally, but the covers won’t! So if you want to hear Electric Frankenstein’s version of The Dead Boys’ “Son of Sam” or The Cheats’ take on The Backstreet Girls’ “Loaded,” you better dig that old turntable out of your parents’ garage!

Package includes grey/black swirled vinyl, an 11×17 show poster from the bands’ LP release party and a cool two sided beer coaster!

All LPs are shipped via media mail only.