No Retreat "Pray For Peace" 20th Anniversary Edition

$11.99 - $24.99
No Retreat "Pray For Peace" 20th Anniversary Edition

Remixed and remastered by original producer, Eric Klinger (Pro-Pain, The Take, Built Upon frustration). Available on CD, Black LP and orange swirl LP, clear, red and white cassettes. CD contains bonus tracks!

1. Intro
2. Talk Is Cheap
3. One More War
4. $
5. Blood Brothers
6. Pray For Peace
7. One By One
8. My Other Half
9. Room For Hate
10. Judged By Twelve
11. Visionary
12. When Will It End?

CD Only Bonus Tracks...

13. Outnumbered
14. Against The Grain
15. Thrown Away
16. Redeem The Fallen
17. Men Of Honor

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  • Compact Disc
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  • Limited Edition Orange Swirl Vinyl LP
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  • Clear Cassette (European Import)
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  • Red Cassette (Russian Import)
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